What You Need To Know About Home Insurance

Dated: 02/06/2015

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Home Insurance is a form of property insurance that is designed to protect your home against accidents. Home Owners insurance should be bought as soon as you purchase your home. We are going to help you with 4 things you should know about home insurance!

1) Shop around

Home Owners Insurance is different with different companies so shop around to find the coverage that best suits YOUR home and needs. Make sure that you read reviews, ask your friends and family for recommendations, and speak to a few insurance agencies before making your final decision.

2) Filing a Claim

Don’t wait to file a claim! Make sure that you report any claims as soon as possible. Many insurance companies actually have a time limit. This can be especially true when it comes to water damage. In time, the damage will only get worse. File the claim as soon as the accident happens.

3) Jewelry

Many plans do cover jewelry, however most plans only cover up to a certain amount. If you do have an abundance of jewelry make sure that you ask your agent how much coverage you have for jewelry. If you find out that it is not a lot you may want to find supplemental insurance.

4) Lowering your Rates

Did you know that having items in your home such as smoke detectors could lower your rate? Typically your insurance rate is based on your preventative actions, therefore if you have multiple, your insurance cost will decrease. 

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