Ten Tips To Raise Your Homes Value Part 2

Dated: 03/12/2015

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    During part 1 of this entry we went over the first 5 tips to help raise your property’s value for a home appraisal. If you have not read part 1 make sure to go back and read it first! In today’s segment we will discuss the final 5 practices you should carry out before a home appraiser steps foot on your property.

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    Tip number one is to hire a home inspector to come look at your property before the appraisal. A good home inspector can point out any possible hazards or damages that you can fix in your home. This small investment can help you catch potentially fixable problems that may drastically reduce your home’s value. Step number two is to make sure you show your home in the proper light. Light can be used to showcase positive features in your home. The third very important step before your appraisal is to learn about the real estate market around you. Try to research what the properties around you are worth and what features give them the most value. This knowledge will help you make educated choices on what you can improve in your own home. The fourth tip to help this process is to contact local appraisers and ask their advice on what to do to raise your home’s appeal. The best people to ask about home appraisals are the individuals tasked with determining their value. Each market can be different so asking local appraisers will help you learn what is important in your area. The final step is a very important one. Do some research and find an experienced home appraiser that is familiar with your area. Hiring a knowledgeable and professional appraiser can make a monumental difference in determining the value of your home.

    Not everything looked at in a home appraisal is in your direct control. However, you should only worry about things you can change, so following these ten tips can help assure your appraisal process is a positive one.

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