Surviving The House Hunt

Dated: 10/11/2017

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You’ve scheduled some showings with your Realtor of houses that you’ve already previewed online that meet your criteria, including location and budget. The day has come, and you’re headed out the door to meet your Realtor at the first house. Here’s a list of items that buyers have said, “Oh, man, I wish I had thought of that…” that you might want to consider bringing along to make the house hunt that much more comfortable, successful and fun.

Home search log: The more houses that you look at, the memory of the nuances of each may start to fade. Whether it’s a professional log that your Realtor has provided at your Buyer’s Consultation, a loose-leaf notebook, or the “notes” section of your phone, you’ll want to have a place to jot down observations and follow up questions to the houses that you view. Oh, if you’re handwriting, remember to grab a pen!

Camera/iPhone: Pictures are usually provided with the listing to give a potential buyer a glimpse at the house online. What you may experience at an actual showing will allow you to see all aspects of the home, not just it’s very best features for marketing purposes. Having a camera to document your experience will be helpful post-showing to look back on.

Flashlight: If you’re looking at vacant properties where the electricity has been shut off, a flashlight may seem like an obvious take-along. A flashlight can also be handy for all the houses that you might view; to bring with you into the basement or attic, or to look under appliances or in cupboards to see all aspects of their nooks and crannies.

Measuring Tape: While many listings will include room measurements in the information that is provided, not all do. Having measured some of your larger furniture before viewing a potential new house will enable you to have the actual dimensions handy, and having a tape measure will allow you to map out how the furniture may fit in your new space.

Bug Spray/Hat: Depending on the time of year, and your tolerance, having bug spray and a hat could make or break your experience at a showing. Backyards are part of a home, too, and you may be inclined to walk the property line or check out the deck or gardens. Mosquitoes and ticks don’t know to leave the home when it’s being shown, so having some bug spray available can keep them at bay. Spiders like to hide in basements and attics, so even if you might walk in to a web, at least you’ll have a hat covering your head.

9-Volt Batteries: Especially when viewing vacant, bank owned properties, the “chirping” smoke detector, indicating that it’s battery is dead, is a nuisance and annoying when you’re touring a home. With a battery in your pocket, you can change out the battery in the detector and enjoy your tour in peace and quiet.

Bottles of Water/Snacks: Househunting can stir an appetite! Brings some snacks along to munch on in between houses to keep your energy up.

Snow Shovel-When touring homes in the winter, you might have a showing on a snowy day. While a homeowner will more than likely have the drive way and walks clear before you arrive, always have a snow shovel available. This way you’ll be sure that you’ll have a place to park the car, and a way to walk to the front door.

Handi wipes/Hand Sanitizer: Because, GERMS. And after walking into one-too-many spider webs, you’ll want them.

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