Staging Your Home For The Appraiser

Dated: 02/10/2015

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Cleaning and getting your home ready for the appraiser is an easy and inexpensive way to make sure that you receive the greatest amount possible for your home before it sells. Since a high appraisal can mean more money in your wallet, this is an easy and effective thing to do! Your goal should be to get back MORE than what you are spent on staging your home for the appraiser. Image title

What you will need:

Cleaning Supplies: Make sure that there are no dust bunnies rolling around the floor. Have a friend walk through the home so that you are able to get an outsider perspective on what still needs to be cleaned.

Plants: Plants at the front of the home is an easy way to add life to a home.

Mower: Make sure that your grass is mowed and looking its best!

Painting Supplies: Make any touch ups inside and outside of the home. This will make the paint look fresh and up to date!

Air Freshener: A bad smelling home can take $100,000 off the price! Make sure that there are air fresheners in the home to keep it smelling great!

Tools: If you don’t already have tools hanging around go and pick some up! By fixing any screws and loose ends around the house that need to be fixed will increase the homes value substantially.

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