Removing The Stress From Homebuying

Dated: 10/13/2017

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Are you stressed out about your next move? Sleepless nights? Wonder and worry if you’ll ever find the house that fits your budget and hits most of the items on your wish list? First, know that you’re not alone and that your feelings are not uncommon. For most, the purchase of a home is by far the most significant purchase in their lives. While every major purchase will come with its share of anxiety, here’s some best practices to follow to destress the home buying experience.

STAY IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Of course, a huge consideration for most is the financing part of the process; whether they’ll be approved for what they want, wondering if they’ll be able to afford the payments, wondering what their dollar can buy them in the first place. First things first, talk to a bank or a lender and get preapproved and find out what your budget is. And as with any budget, you don’t have to spend ALL of it! Figure out what is a comfortable, and then tell yourself, I’m comfortable paying “x” up to “xyz” and no more. Decide then and there that you’ve already built in the wiggle room to go higher. Recognize what your limits are, and respect them. You don’t have to be like everyone else out there, who will break the bank to buy something that they really can’t afford. Firmly decide that you’re going to do what’s best for you, and that you’re going to stay on budget.

ELIMINATE CHAOS. At any time, there could be dozens of houses on the market in your budget for you to choose from. And with that, we can run into “house hunting overload”, having so many choices that we can’t decide on one to make a buying decision. You go from house, to house, to house, and after a while, they all start to look the same! Here’s an analogy that some will appreciate: If you’re at the hardware store and you have a choice between 3 shades of gray to paint your living room, or 30, which is easier to choose from? The choice between 3, of course.  We are overwhelmed when there’s lots of options. To that end, only look at the houses that are the VERY best in your budget and for your needs and wants. After all, you only want to look at the very best houses, right? You deserve the best experience, too, so do yourself a favor and do your first “viewing” of a house online, eliminating those that don’t have a lot of the qualities (including price) that you’re looking for. When you’re looking at houses think of it this way: you’re not only looking, you’re looking and writing offers. To reduce the feelings of overwhelmsion and house hunting fatigue, ask yourself if you’d make an offer on the house that you’re requesting a showing at. If the answer is an adamant no, think twice before booking an appointment. Just going “to see” usually backfires.

SHRUG THERAPY. Lots of things can happen during the house buying process. Your offer isn’t accepted. You’re outbid on “THE” one. Big-ticket repair items are discovered at the inspection. Your financing doesn’t go through. Your situation changes and you’re no longer able to buy. How do you overcome these stressors? One strategy would be to practice “shrug therapy”. If you had to, for whatever reason, you’d be able to shrug it off and walk away from the deal, because there’s plenty of other houses out there that might ultimately be a better fit for you.

Buying a home can be a rewarding and fun experience; it can also be stressful and overwhelming at times, too. Knowing that there’s strategies to take that can make the experience that much more enjoyable is the very first step in destressing the process of finding and buying your next home.

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