Pointers For Practical Packing

Dated: 09/26/2017

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When it comes time to pack up to move your household items to your new place, you may ask yourself, “Oh, where to begin?”

For many homeowners, there’s a certain level of apprehension associated with the task, which can feel overwhelming when faced with what could be many years of accumulation of belongings.

The reality is that the more focus you give to the organization and task of your packing now, the less chance of loss or breakage, and easier it will be to physically move and unpack your household in your new residence.

The single biggest thing to do that will have the greatest impact in the ease and efficiency of your entire packing process is to do a massive purge of “stuff” as soon as you make the decision to move. Get rid of everything that you haven’t used or need by handing down, selling, donating, or trashing. Doing this will mean that there are less to pack, haul, unload, and organize later.Use boxes that are in good condition. The cleanliness and durability of your boxes is a key factor in the hauling of your things. A local liquor store may be a good source for gently used boxes that were on the way to the recycling container anyway.

  • Use large boxes for light things, and small boxes for heavy things. For example, it’s much easier to lift a big box of blankets and sheets than a big box of text books. When loading those heavier boxes, be sure to put the heaviest items on the bottom of the box, and label the boxes as being heavy so you’re ready to lift appropriately when hauling.

  • Use quality moving tape so that your boxes stay securely closed. Doing so will prevent the box from opening and spilling the contents when lifted. This will sometimes happen with less durable tape. Resist the temptation to fold the flaps of the box to keep it closed, and instead tape them shut.

  • Label your boxes by category and room so that they can be easily distributed to the right place in the new house when unloading. Label the tops and the sides of the box, as you won’t be able to see the tops of boxes when they’re all stacked up in your car or the moving van. Depending on your organizational style, many homeowners find it helpful to color code the labeling, too. For instance, “green” for kitchen, “red” for living room, etc.

  • After an exhausting day of moving, you’ll be thankful to have a couple of “first night” boxes set aside to unload first. Items to place in this box might include anything that you might need in the first 24 hours in your new home, including a set of pillows and sheets, towels, clothes for the next day, and toiletries. Having these boxes set apart from the rest of the household will mean that you won’t have to go digging through individual boxes, finding those things that could have been placed in boxes in many different rooms.

A key to a smooth move is taking the time to organize your packing. Doing so will mean a quicker transition to make your new house feel like “home.”

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