5 Ways To Bust Clutter

Dated: 11/02/2017

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Have you ever noticed that it doesn't take that long for a room to go from a perfectly organized space to a cluttered, chaotic mess?

Dining room tables get strewn with mail and the kid's schoolwork. Bedrooms are decorated with a week's worth dirty laundry on the floor. Kitchen counters are packed with "equipment" and tools.

If the clutter is messing with your joy, here are five proactive things you can do to get the clutter under control.

1. Have a designated place for everyday stuff - items that you need every day - like your car keys, the dog's leash, the mail, your purse, the kid's backpacks. Not only will having a "spot" designated mean that you'll always know where these everyday things are, just the very fact that said item is filling that spot, will mean some other item is not.

2. Basket in the bedroom for not-ready-for-the-laundry clothes. Many will wear some clothes items, like sweatshirts, jeans, or sweaters, more than one time before they're put in the washer. What that means is that very often those clothes get thrown on the bedroom floor after wearing, instead of being hung up or put away like they might when retrieved from the laundry room. To help in this area, have a basket in the bedroom for these clothes that are "not quite ready for the wash." While having them put away would be ideal, a basket is the next best thing versus all over the floor.

3. Kitchen tools off the counter. So often we load our kitchen counters with "equipment" and tools, that there's no room for meal prep. Get these things off the counter. Either store them away in cupboards or hang them up for easy access instead.

4. Designate one area in the house as the "no clutter zone." Like a coffee table, for instance. Work with everyone in the house to get on board that mail, bags, boxes, books, etc., aren't to be put in this "clutter free zone." Once everyone gets on board with this first "no clutter zone," try adding a second. Then a third. You might be surprised how quickly the clutter begins to be reduced.

5. Keep the dining room table set. This one may seem unusual, however, it's quite effective. It's tough to clutter up a table that is already set, because there's no place for the clutter to accumulate.

Clutter in our homes can make us feel stressed out and anxious, stealing our joy from everyday living. While clutter seems to attract more clutter, one organized area can motivate you to organize another area. Then another.

While it may take some effort initially to get the clutter under control, the results are well worth it.

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